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fiction ghostwriter and editorHi, I’m Jeff Deck, a fiction ghostwriter and editor. I’ve been featured on the Today Show for my writing. I will help you tell the story you’ve always wanted to tell.

First let’s figure out what you need. Do either of the following statements sound familiar?

You’ve always wanted to write a novel, but you don’t know how to get started.
You know that writing a novel would be a ton of fun. In fact, you’ve had a story idea that’s stuck in your head for quite a while. But every time you sit down to write, the task just seems too overwhelming. Or you’ve been working on a draft for years, but the end is nowhere in sight and you feel like you’ve lost the spark.
You’ve got the first draft of a novel, but it’s a mess.
You’ve completed the first draft of your novel. Maybe it took months or years. Or maybe you started and finished the whole thing during the National Novel Writing Month challenge. But now your story just seems like a pile of words too daunting to tame. Just looking at your manuscript stresses you out.
I’m here to help.
Whichever of the above scenarios applies to you, I can help. I have worked with authors to reshape and refine their manuscripts to match their vision and ambition. I have also written several books, both as myself and with a co-author.

There are few things more satisfying than releasing a great book into the world; together, we can reach that goal. Drop me a line at jeffdeck [at] jeffdeck.com and let’s open up a conversation about your goals and what I can offer. Learn more at my Services page.


“Significant and rapid improvements were made to work I was hesitant to show others. More than an edit, it was a confidence builder. It was truly a pleasure working with Jeff Deck. One I hope to repeat.”
— Wm. Bernan

“Jeff has been my primary editor for over a decade. From the big picture (story logic, character development) to the finest-grained grammatical details, Jeff can improve your writing at every level. Notice that misplaced modifier? Well, he did. His eagle eye is unrivaled, and as an author himself, he understands how much we value our words, our work, and our worlds, and gives them the attention they deserve.”
— Benjamin D. Herson

“Jeff was a fantastic editor of my novel draft. He offered insightful feedback on its content and corrections of my typos. He could both comment on the larger themes in the work as well as identify the detail of a misplaced comma, misspelled word, and awkward phrase. Now it is in a much better state.”
— Dr. Gary Devore

And you can learn more about my own books here.


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