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supernatural thriller authorI’m Jeff Deck, an indie author of speculative fiction (science fiction, fantasy, supernatural/horror, dark fantasy, etc.). I’m also a freelance writer/editor, gamer, and speaker. I live in Maine with my wife and dog. (I am most widely known for going on a typo-hunting trip across America.) Read more here.

The Pseudo-Chronicles of Mark Huntley: A novel

supernatural thriller

It’s the world’s only supernatural thriller in blog format. I’m, uh, pretty sure. Start with Part 1 here for just $1.99, or grab the entire saga in one volume. Print version coming on September 1st, 2016!

Apocalypse blog.

My name is Mark Huntley. All I really wanted to do was drink cheap beer and blog about my dead-end life. Then I stumbled across a secret war between two sinister alien forces. If I try to stop the war, I may get my friends and loved ones killed. If I don’t try, the human race is toast. Oh yeah, and a demonic weapon inside me is probably driving me insane.

If I’m already dead when you find this, you need to carry on the fight.

The Pseudo-Chronicles of Mark Huntley is a blog mutated into a supernatural thriller. If you like the pulse-pounding terror of Stephen King and the smart, funny first-person storytelling of The Martian, you’ll love meeting Mark Huntley.

Praise for The Pseudo-Chronicles of Mark Huntley:

“Deck’s writing is seamless and so natural that, as you become immersed in Huntley’s increasingly bizarre world, you forget that the story is fiction. This is the mark of a truly gifted writer.”
— Linda Watkins, author of the award-winning Mateguas Island series

Da Vinci Code meets They Live in this fast-paced supernatural sci-fi adventure. Deck has created a new hero for the Twitter age.”

Philip Fracassi, author of ALTAR

“I have to admit I was skeptical when I started reading The Pseudo-Chronicles of Mark Huntley, but wow, I was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed reading this novel. Jeff Deck did what I thought was likely an impossible feat – keep me engaged reading a fictional journal! Excellent writing, great characters, and interesting plot.”
— Robert “Sharky” Pruneda, author of the bestselling Devil’s Nightmare series

Readers say:

“It was awesome.”
“I was completely drawn into the character’s world from the very start and found it impossible to put down.”
“It is an intriguing and amusing search, told with a great deal of charm and humor.”
“A compelling, effortless read that creeps up on you.”
“I read a lot of books and very few make me think of the characters when I’m not actually reading, but this book did.”

Besides supernatural thrillers, I also write science fiction — see Books for more.

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