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jeff deck authorHi, I’m Jeff Deck, a Today Show-featured author and editor. You’re probably here for one of two reasons: either you’re interested in learning more about my books, or you’re considering hiring me for writing/editing. To both camps: welcome! I believe in giving you the whole picture of who I am, so I maintain a single site for both sides of my career.

About Jeff Deck

I write speculative fiction (science fiction, fantasy, supernatural/horror, dark fantasy, etc.) and nonfiction. I’m also a freelance writer/editor currently accepting clients, as well as a speaker. I live in Maine with my wife, Jane, and our silly dog, Burleigh. I am most widely known for going on a typo-hunting trip across America.

jeff deck author

My newest book is the supernatural thriller novel The Pseudo-Chronicles of Mark Huntley. My previous book is the sci-fi gaming adventure novel Player Choice. I’m also the author, with Benjamin D. Herson, of the nonfiction book The Great Typo Hunt: Two Friends Changing the World, One Correction at a Time (Crown/Random House). I’ve also published short fiction in the anthology Murder Ink 2: Sixteen More Tales of New England Newsroom Crime and the magazines aois21, The Furnace Review, and Boston Literary Magazine. Check out the Books page to learn more about my books.


I’ve been writing speculative fiction for nearly two decades. In 2015, sensing a shift in the market, and receiving strong encouragement from readers, I ventured out on my own as an indie author. I released both Player Choice and The Pseudo-Chronicles of Mark Huntley as e-books that year. Last year I released the latter, Mark Huntley, in print for the first time.

In 2008, I took a road trip across the U.S. with friends to fix typos in signage and nearly wound up in federal prison. My adventures led to the nonfiction book The Great Typo Hunt, which was traditionally published by Crown/Random House in 2010.

I have been freelance writing and editing for the past several years, mainly for the startup Proving Ground, but also for M|C Communications, PreMediaGlobal, and Capcom. I’m accepting new work, so please check out my services page for more details.


Check out my story “Making the Transition” in the new anthology Murder Ink 2: Sixteen More Tales of New England Newsroom Crime (Plaidswede).

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