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Indie author of horror stories, sci-fi, etc.I’m Jeff Deck, an indie author of science fiction, horror, and fantasy. I’m also a freelance writer/editor, gamer, and speaker. I live in New England with my wife and dog. (I am most widely known for going on a typo-hunting trip across America.) Read more here.

The Pseudo-Chronicles of Mark Huntley: a horror story

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It’s the world’s only four-part political horror novel in blog format. I’m, uh, pretty sure. And it’s available in its entirety on Amazon! For just $1.99 for each part. Start with Part 1 here.

Most blogs don’t chronicle a horrifying, high-stakes struggle against otherworldly evil.

It’s 2004, and Bush and Kerry are battling for the U.S. presidency. In Washington D.C., a lowly fact-checker named Mark Huntley begins a sarcastic blog about his own life, unaware that a forgotten, destructive nature is awakening inside him. A secret war between two otherworldly forces is about to bleed out into the open — a war that makes Bush vs. Kerry look like a game of checkers. And Mark, along with everyone he loves, will be caught in the middle. Now if only he can put down that beer long enough to figure out what’s going on . . .

Readers of The Pseudo-Chronicles of Mark Huntley (Part 1) say:

“Deck’s writing is seamless and so natural that, as you become immersed in Huntley’s increasingly bizarre world, you forget that the story is fiction. This is the mark of a truly gifted writer.”
— Linda Watkins, author of the award-winning Mateguas Island series

“It was awesome.”
“I was completely drawn into the character’s world from the very start and found it impossible to put down.”
“It is an intriguing and amusing search, told with a great deal of charm and humor.”
“A compelling, effortless read that creeps up on you.”
“I read a lot of books and very few make me think of the characters when I’m not actually reading, but this book did.”

Besides horror stories, I also write sci-fi — see Books for more.

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