12/9 (and spoilers)

The Shadow over Portsmouth: unchanged
Player Choice:

I finished A Dance with Dragons the other night, and though I feel enriched as a person just by reading it, and worship George R.R. Martin as the world-building, word-slinging, merciless god that he is, I do have many questions, perhaps more than when I started the book.  So many unfinished pieces of business.  So here you go… and if you haven’t finished the book, do not read on. Spoilers.



Okay, everyone good now?  So…

*Who the eff is Coldhands?
*Who the eff is Robert Strong?
*What happened to Brienne? Why did we only glimpse her offhand for one chapter, when she was supposed to be dead?
*What’s the deal with Manderly?
*What’s the deal with the “perfumed seneschal”?
*Where the eff did Osha and Rickon go?
*Where the eff is Victarion?  Why even bother getting into his storyline if he wouldn’t reach his destination by the end of the book?
*What was the point of the Quentyn material? There had to be an easier way to spring the big lizards…

Player Choice moves only a little.  Shadow over Portsmouth moves not at all, but I was able to sketch out a map of the town that should help somewhat with future installments; I’d been starting to lose track of where my pieces were on the board.

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