2/20 & 2/21

Hit the upper limit today for two stats.  I need to get the other ones up to 10 as well, stat, before I see some Sta and Dut points go into the ether (can’t earn any more points on those until I reach level 2).

Yesterday’s Deeds
Took a run with Jane — +1 Sta, 20 GP
Did much freelance editing work — +1 Fin, 100 GP

Today’s Deeds
Ran a couple of errands — +2 Dut, 40 GP (but hitting upper wall, only 1 Dut awarded in effect)
Did freelance editing work — 120 GP
Did P90X routine with Jane — +1 Sta, 53 GP
Read 50 pages — 15 GP

Author: Jeff Deck

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