4/9 (and 4/10)

So it appears that during the past week, I’ve been doing the calculations and record-keeping in my head rather than recording it on this blog.  In the meantime you’ve been forced to seek out other sources of tears-inducing boredom, and for this I apologize.  I’ll try to get back in the saddle here.  I am, after all, so very close to Level 3.  Various factors have interfered, but a hero doesn’t let factors get in the way, now, does he?  He saddles up.  He saddles up.

So it’s a little more than twenty-four hours later.  I never posted the above blog that I started, didn’t even get down to the meat of it.  Just passed out or something.  I’ve been sick more or less for the past month with a throat thing, and I’m going to call the doctor about it tomorrow morning.  First, though, I need to figure out who my doctor is.  Primary care my ass.  So, what did I do yesterday?

4/9 Deeds
Went to work at the newspaper — 60 GP
Checked in with friends — +1 Gen, 20 GP
Read 50 pages — 15 GP
Consumed entertainment minutes — -22 GP

We’ll call it a net gain of 73 GP.  I’m going to go mark that right now.  Could you hold on a sec?  Thanks.

Okay, we’re back.  Now we can officially tot up today’s deeds.

Today’s Deeds
Went to work at the newspaper — 60 GP
Ran an errand — 15 GP
Consumed entertainment minutes — -22 GP
Editing my own work — 60 GP

Author: Jeff Deck

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