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I’m about to go into high gear for the rest of this month, for writing and editing (the former and latter for my book in progress, and just the latter for Benjamin’s book).  It’s a welcome feeling.  A belonging feeling.  Alcohol, fine fried foods, fresh air, sunshine, video games, these are all fine things, but I am always bound to feel irritable when I’ve gone without the real business of writing for too long.  There’s an absence that only it can fill.  Friends, lover, family are all necessary parts of the whole as well, but purpose is what keeps the walking husk feeling away.

6/13 Deeds
Read 50 pages — 15 GP
Worked at paper — 30 GP
Ran an errand — +1 Dut, 20 GP
Met with colleague — +1 Gen, 20 GP
GP subtraction — -112 GP

6/14 Deeds
Did Benjamin chapter — +1 Fin, 40 GP
Cleaned and did errand — +1 Dut, 20 GP
Went for a run with Jane — +1 Sta, 20 GP
Recorded a brief video — +1 Pre, 15 GP
Wrote 1000 words — +1 Inv, 50 GP
Read 50 pages — 15 GP
GP subtraction — -160 GP

Author: Jeff Deck

Author and administrator of this site.