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Two things that I’m enjoying right now:  Mass Effect 3 and Breaking Bad.  As for the former, I know to expect heartbreak at the end, but I’ll be enjoying it up until that point, I think.  It’s just nice to be back with the old gang again, and on an HDTV this time.  As for the latter, Jane and I are catching up on it on Netflix, and we just watched the very intense third episode, involving a tough choice the main character has to make.  Really top-notch storytelling.

6/15 Deeds
Edited Benjamin chapter — +1 Fin, 40 GP
Worked at paper — 60 GP
GP subtraction — -90 GP

6/16 Deeds
Edited Benjamin chapter — +1 Fin, 30 GP
Wrote 1000 words — +1 Inv, 50 GP
GP subtraction — -162 GP

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