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Deciding to drop Alastair Reynolds’s Revelation Space after less than a hundred pages.  Why does so much sci-fi have incredibly wooden characters?

Last night I had a dream that I was in New Orleans and had inhaled or injected some sort of magic powder.  I could reel back time a couple of minutes anytime I wanted and correct actions that I had taken.  I stumbled across a Deck family gathering, by torchlight, and was bewildered that my grandmother was there among the other people.  Then someone clued me in that the powder not only let me step back time, but also see the dead.

6/18 Deeds
Sent Benjamin a chapter — 60 GP
Ran three errands — +2  Dut, 60 GP
Read 50 pages — 15 GP
Wrote 1000 words — +1 Inv, 50 GP
GP subtraction — -100 GP

6/19 Deeds
Worked at paper — 60 GP
Went for a run with Jane — +1 Sta, 20 GP
Did Benjamin chapter — 30 GP
GP subtraction — -80 GP

Author: Jeff Deck

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