6/7 – 6/10

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It’s odd that the hardest deadlines to meet are often those that I set myself, for myself.  Answering to others’ preplanned deadlines seems to be easier due to the fear of letting someone down. Now when I set my own deadline for something I’m working on for someone else, it can go awry because I have a tendency to underestimate the amount of time that something will take.  Call it the great human folly of overoptimism, at least regarding my own production speed.

6/7 Deeds
Did freelance editing — 30 GP
Went to work at paper — 60 GP
Read 100 pages — 30 GP
Ran an errand — +1 Dut, 20 GP
GP subtraction — -22 GP

6/8 – 6/10 Deeds — camping
+1 Gen – spent time with friends
+1 Sta – went for walks

6/10 Deeds postcamping
Wrote 1000 words — +1 Inv, 50 GP
Finished editing my Chapter 4 — +1 Fin, 50 GP

Author: Jeff Deck

Author and administrator of this site.