Emanations from the Subconscious

Crazy dream last night in which I played the worst Game Boy game ever, against my father. It was a supposedly vintage racing game featuring a course through a flat brown tunnel. At the end, the winner would discover a loathsome headless horse covered in the skin of a dog– a gargantuan dog, apparently. Not much of a prize.

There was another segment involving an appearance on Jay Leno and me mistakenly, repeatedly calling him Conan, but I refuse to dwell on the dark shelf from which the materials for that part of the dream must have been drawn.

Author: Jeff Deck

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  • jeff, i read a review of the great typo hunt in the boston globe today and i’d like to talk to you and our mr. herson for my saturday column-i’d need to speak to you either this afternoon or tomorrow morning becuase i’ll be writing my column on thursday because i’m going to be in court all day friday on a story i’ve been working-let me know the best way to get in touch-in case you want to call my phone is 508-234-5882.
    best and i hope there are no typos
    bill fortier

  • Dear Sir,

    I write to ask whether you would be able to come on BBC World Service, namely teh Newshour programme, this coming Friday at around 4pm eastern time. It would be to talk about your typo book and would require a trip to a BBC bureau or to an NPR studio, unless you have a good Skype connection with a headset. (We would have to test the line.)

    Please leave me a contact phone number if you are able. If not, please could you still reply by email.

    Many thanks,

    Nigel Doran
    Output editor, Newshour

    • jeffdeck

      Hi Nigel, sorry for not seeing this comment until now. I am interested in BBC’s Newshour, so I will e-mail you at the e-mail associated with your comment with my e-mail and phone number. Thanks!