False starts

I keep getting the itch to write (fiction, I mean, not this blog), and then faltering once I actually sit down to the page, or sometimes just falling asleep. I guess a three-month national book tour is really not the time to try to start writing something else, but writing has historically been a method of release for me, and this tour has involved more than a bit of stress and disorientation.

Fortunately, we’ve also been spoiled by various friends and relatives along the way, so even when the muse deserts me, I can still manage to have some fun. Benjamin and I went with our friends Kat and Michael to the Minnesota State Fair today, and then came back to their place and watched Iron Man, which I’d never seen. Just a day of fun, a break from the standard touring duties, and I’ll be more than ready to get back on the proverbial horse tomorrow.

There are two sea stories, Nos. 1 and 2, that are asking to be rendered, have been asking for about a month now with little satisfactory response from me. One is fantastical, one “real”, and both drawing from the same well of images and sensations from the New Hampshire coast that also sustains me as I think of Jane and our apartment.  One of these days soon, the quiet will come and the surf will pour in around my feet and I will make it into story.

Author: Jeff Deck

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  • Chris

    It’s a cruel twist of fate that the writer–in order to sell books and write–must be placed into the spotlight and not be allowed the time and space to write. 🙂

    Some day dude, some day. (Also, I read fantastical as fantastic at first and thought, “Dude’s head swelled, he thinks his story is fantastic and he hasn’t even written it yet 🙂 )

    Henry says hello!

    • Jeff Deck

      Thanks, Chris! And no, the old coconut is not yet swelled, not until we see some sales numbers on you-know-what…

      I had a breakthrough yesterday and actually got some writing done after a long drive. Hurrah!

      Can’t wait to see you/Maria/Henry next month!