Five science fiction books about aliens coming out in May

science fiction books about aliensTo commemorate Alien: Covenant coming out in theaters (though note that the reviews are mixed thus far), here are five science fiction books about aliens that are also releasing this month. At this late date in May, all are available except for Injection Burn, which will be coming out next week.

1. Netherspace by Andrew Lane & Nigel Foster – Available now

science fiction books about aliensAuthors Lane and Foster became tired of the recurring sci-fi trope that humans can always quickly find a way to communicate with aliens. “In our polite, English way we said bullshit to that,” said the authors in a recent interview. So in Netherspace, humans still don’t understand the Gliese alien race, even after trading with them for forty years. Now, with the aliens kidnapping humans, artist Marc and assassin Kara must team up to solve the mystery.

2. Pawn by Timothy Zahn – Available now

science fiction books about aliensZahn kicks off a new series, The Sybil’s War, with Pawn, in which petty criminal Nicole and gangster Bungie are abducted by aliens and taken to a ship called the Fyrantha. When Nicole learns that she and her fellow laborers are pawns in a bizarre game pitting different alien species against each other, she vows to rebel. Timothy Zahn’s biggest claim to fame is his collection of Star Wars tie-in novels, including the Thrawn trilogy.


3. Substrate Phantoms by Jessica Reisman – Available now

science fiction books about aliens

Weird accidents and power surges are occurring on the space station Termagenti. Is the station haunted–or is there an alien on board? Jhinsei must figure out how the members of his operations team died before their ghosts drive him insane. If you’re in Austin tomorrow, be sure to check out the launch party for Substrate Phantoms at Malvern Books. It’ll feature original music for the book performed by a local band; how cool is that?


4. The Gauntlet by Megan Shepherd – Available now

science fiction books about aliens

The Gauntlet is the finale of The Cage, a YA series about teenagers from Earth who have been abducted by aliens and must struggle to survive. Trapped in an oppressive lunar colony, Cora and her friends must endeavor to set humanity free by winning a competition called the Gauntlet. This is Shepherd’s second YA trilogy; the first was The Madman’s Daughtera series described as “gothic suspense.”


5. Injection Burn by Jason M. Hough – May 30

science fiction books about aliens

Skyler Luiken and his comrades must rescue a friendly alien race from a faraway planet. But a fearsome fleet of ships called the Swarm Blockade stands in their way. Injection Burn is book 4 of 5 in The Dire Earth Cycle but is also intended to be another entry point for newcomers to the series, acting as a “duology” with another book coming out next month, Escape Velocity.  Hough is also a game designer who co-wrote a tie-in novel for the video game Mass Effect Andromeda, which Jeff still needs to get around to playing.


So, what will you be reading over Memorial Day weekend?

News from Jeff Deck: On Tuesday, June 6, at the Chesley Memorial Library in Northwood NH, I’ll be reading an excerpt from my story, “Making the Transition,” in the new anthology Murder Ink 2: Sixteen More Tales of New England Newsroom Crime. It’s a peek into the world of my upcoming urban fantasy series, The Shadow Over Portsmouth; I’ll be releasing the first book in the series this summer, City of Ports. Also that week: I’ll be reading during “Wyrd: A Horror Reading Event” on Thursday, June 8 in Salem, Mass. Busy times!

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