Leveling up

So, congratulations to me!  After a long slog of cleaning, moving, traveling, and working, I have decided to level myself up to a Level 4 Freelancer.  Somewhere in all the lunacy, I lost track of tracking my activities, though I know I certainly was doing a lot of worthy things.  I’ve started myself even with an extra point in each stat for Level 4, because I’m worth it, baby.  And I’ve set the GP balance to 1000, which sounds about right.  Now we can return to our regularly scheduled activity tracking.

So now I’m looking back on the last week or so.  My deeds for the last several days include, as I recall (leaving out the GP balances, because I’ve really got to get back on track here):
Went for a run with Jane — +1 Sta
A few thousand words’ worth of writing — +3 Inv
Enough freelance editing to merit +2 Fin
Editing a Benjamin chapter — +1 Fin
Read a few hundred pages — no stat points, sadly
Filming a couple of Tiki Huts — +2 Pre
Ran a few errands — +3 Dut
Meeting with colleagues to discuss project — +1 Gen
Attending a peer event — +1 Pre, +1 Gen
Spending quality time with friends and family — +1 Gen

Now time to start keeping track of things in detail, starting today. New post…. go!

Author: Jeff Deck

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