New Frontiers, Once More


Here once again at the precipice of something new, or rather, having already flung myself or been flung into the void.  I am now Jeff Deck the full-time freelancer, available for editing and writing jobs as you please, and continuing to speak on various word-related topics.  Perhaps even having the opportunity, from time to time, to actually work on the next book.  This maverick lifestyle will come with its share of knocks and bruises as I figure out the best methods of doing things– indeed there’s already a skinned knee or two– but that’s all part of the adventure, no?  I’ll try to detail what I’ve learned about the freelancing life, right here on the blog as I go along.

The event currently looming on my personal horizon for now, though, and on the horizon of Benjamin D. Herson, is the imminent release of The Great Typo Hunt in paperback.  For that I should post some buttons around these parts to encourage the purchasing of said product– for I am, as always, merely a greasemonkey for the engine of commerce– but for now you can find them on the main Great Typo Hunt page.  We’re also conducting a 50 Typos, 50 States contest in which several fabulous prizes can be won if you share your typo pictures.  Exciting stuff.

Meantime, if you find yourself in need of editing or writing services, turn to someone who’s been in the word-crafting game for a while now through various outlets, and… hey, where are you going?  I’m talking about me.  E-mail jeffdeck [at] with inquiries.  My rates are reasonable and my turnaround is swift, swift as a rushing brook.  Yes, this is one thing that I have learned already…

Freelancer Lesson #1: Be ready to promote yourself, especially with nature-themed metaphors and similes.

People love nature.  Thus people will love you if you compare your skills and business practices somehow with the aroma of fresh pine.

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