Attempting to reboot on several levels here.  For the last few months I was working at a newspaper full-time, which combined with up to ten hours of freelancing each week pretty much destroyed my brain and by extension progress in the realm of writing and editing fiction.  Turns out that a 50- or 60-hour week is a real motivation-killer.

To get myself back into a writing frame of mind, I’ll be posting on here more or less regularly for a while.  Sometimes the key to breaking the dam is just… uh, I don’t know, tinking at it a little bit with a hammer.  See, I can’t even do fucking metaphors anymore.  This is ridiculous.

Whew.  Let’s start simple.  I’m Jeff Deck, and I’m really into writing stories and stuff.

Er… for some reason the word “derp” is coming to mind here.

This blog, whatever its previous incarnations — which you can witness by trawling the detritus and wreckage of past entries — will now be acting as a kind of sketchpad.  I’ve incorporated a new WordPress theme for a cleaner look.  I’ve also, and this is crucial, disabled comments.  I’m sorry if you tried to leave me a comment on this blog during the last, oh, year or so?  There were several hundred spam comments to wade through… it’s been an ongoing problem.  Weeds in the untended garden and all that.  Maybe this needs to be more of a monologue than a dialogue, at least for a while.

If you really want to respond to something, just e-mail me at jeffdeck [at]

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