Recent past

I’m not sure whether to abandon the system or what.  Having trouble keeping up with it, with everything else going on, and that includes real work.  I think part of the problem is the daily tallies, which are something I usually don’t want to do at the end of the day.  I need a way to update the stats, etc., in real time.  And I want a picture to reflect that.  Updating the picture is a pain in the ass too, and it shouldn’t have to be.  I should be able to update this stuff from my phone, a device that’s always with me.  So here’s some recent things that I did, but this whole thing is about to be overhauled.  Oh, and I’m going to cut my GP balance down to about 300, because seriously.

Went for a long walk with Jane — +1 Sta
Went for a run with Jane — +1 Sta
Went for a run with Jane and Mary — +1 Sta
Did another Tiki Hut — +1 Pre
Got in touch with colleagues for acquaintance — +2 Gen

And bingo, I have reached level 5.  Congratulations to me.  Now to work on overhauling the system.

Author: Jeff Deck

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