RPG Your Life

I keep coming back to the idea of making some kind of RPG program that functions as a task organizer/address book/grand unifier for one’s professional and personal life.  I’ve had proto-systems in place before for productivity and reward, and Benjamin is still using a modified version for his own work, but to have an actual game that you could jump into would be pretty awesome.

Will work on some prototypes.

Author: Jeff Deck

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  • Chris

    So something that sets it up so that you earn points when you do things that you are trying to do? Like folded laundry 5 xp? Change baby diaper 10 xp? It’s a cute idea….

  • Jeff Deck

    Sort of, yeah, and the XP makes your character stronger and able to fight tougher demons out in the field, such as the Imps of Inadequacy, the Parademons of Procrastination (who attack you with their devastating Distractive Blow), etc. You’d also be able to create non-player characters in your town(s) that represent the people that you’ve met in real life and need to keep track of: business associates, fellow club members, and so forth, and you could bind business-card info to them and have quests associated with those characters (e.g., get assignment done for Joe Poopchute at Freelance Client A).

    There are some rudimentary task-rewarding apps out there, but nothing as sophisticated or at least robust as what I’m trying to outline.

  • Nathan

    Here’s what you do: each thing you has to do is assigned a value from either one to three. As you accomplish more tasks, you accumulate “action points.”these action points are used for special attacks when you encounter random monsters. Thus, you could try to play the RPG without actually doing any chores, but doing the chores is what lets you land extremely powerful and deadly attacks, so you will look for things to do so you can get more ammo. also, when you go up against a boss, you’ll make sure that you have a great number of action points. This is very important because I think most RPG to do list software gets it wrong. the enemy isn’t the task, the task is a means to an end. In the case of an RPG, tasks become currency for your future victories. so what basically needs to be made is an RPG that is very difficult to play, But by doing chores, you get special perks that help you turn the tide of battle. please, please, contact me. I have been wanting to do a to do list RPG for quite some time. Sure, epic win somewhat explores that direction, but I was very disappointed that it was all style and no substance.

    • Jeff Deck

      Hey Nathan, it’s great to hear from you. Glad to hear that you’re on the same wavelength– I agree that tasks are your work as a potential hero, not the enemy itself. It’s funny that you respond to this now because I’m just about ready to unroll an RPG-like system today. I’ve realized along the way, though, that I needed to create a highly personalized version based on my specific goals… i.e., to improve as a freelance/independent businessperson and keep all other important aspects of my life going at the same time. Hence I have a character and stats, but the stats are geared toward the six areas that I want to keep up. The six D&D stat standbys didn’t quite work, so I had to come up with my own categories.

      Due to my own lack of knowledge as far as actual programming goes, I think mine is going to be very much an analog system, at least at the start. I’ll probably be posting screenshots from a simple shell of a game created through RPG Maker VX, but the character in that will be regularly, manually updated as far as stats and treasure go. It won’t be a *working* game, because that’s beyond my know-how at this point; it will mainly be for aesthetics.

      I also agree that as far as the tasks lists themselves go, it’s important to have one syncing across all devices. I don’t have iOS machines– I’m using Google Tasks on laptop and desktop, coordinated with a third-party Google Task manager on my Android phone (the native Android Google Task support is surprisingly weak) that can attach tasks to Google Calendar.

      How’s your own programming knowledge? The variety of platforms involved (Windows, iOS, Android, etc) does complicate things on that front…

  • Nathan

    Also, I should mention that I’m working on a pen-and-paper version of this using index cards and the “Reminders” app that’s built into iOS 5. Having both and iPad and iPhone makes reminders easy to keep track of because it syncs them across all of your devices. It also keeps a running count of the reminders that you’ve completed, making it easy to update my stats.