Tour Success

I’ve discussed it over at the Great Typo Hunt site, but I just wanted to mention what a pleasure it was to meet so many people interested in improving communication during the course of our book tour. Everyone kept mentioning how they thought they’d been alone in their concern for good spelling and grammar, and I kept having to say, Look around you! Here are your kin. I’m grateful to everyone who helped Benjamin and me along the way, by hosting us, coming out to the readings, sending us nice messages, calling into our radio interviews, and spreading the word about the book.

Soon enough we’ll have another project for everyone to participate in, called 50 Typos in 50 States.  You’ve been sending us pictures of typos you’ve found and corrected yourselves, and we’d like to showcase your efforts, because typo-hunting really is a team project.

But enough about that– this is my personal blog, so you’re presumably here to hear more about me, yes?  Fools!  I mean, welcome!  I’d like to share some of the things that I’ve been reading and absorbing lately.   Some is for research for future projects, some just edifying in general, none of which I necessarily endorse personally.  I’m trying to use everything interesting that I come across, sooner or later.  The first is this site about nonviolence.  I came across it while trying to answer the hypothetical question, what do you do to try to change society, outside of the democratic process (voting, etc.), without resorting to violence?

The site identifies nine types of nonviolence:  non-resistance, active reconciliation, moral resistance, selective nonviolence, passive resistance, peaceful resistance, nonviolent direct action, Gandhian nonviolence, and nonviolent revolution.  The differences among some of these are not immediately clear to me.  Will have to examine them more carefully.

Author: Jeff Deck

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  • Karen

    I recently received an autographed copy of your book as a birthday gift (by the way, the sticker said “Autograph Copy,” not “Autographed Copy,” but never mind). Reading it spurred me to take action at my local Panera Bread Cafe, where a professionally printed sign near the pick-up station had been driving me nuts for a couple of years. It touted the merits of asiago cheese and instructed us how to pronounce it: “ah-ZEE-ah-go.” I commented to one of the employees that this was wrong; wasn’t the pronunciation “ah-zee-AH-go?” He got the assistant manager, who got all upset, not understanding the error and seeming to think I was saying it was her fault, which of course it was not; it appeared to be a headquarters-produced sign. Eventually the manager stepped in; he didn’t quite see the error either, but said his wife had an editorial job and was always pointing out stuff like this, so he understood why I said something. He also said the district manager would be coming by the next day, and he’d point it out to him. What floored me was that not one of them — from clerk to manager — knew (or believed) that all-caps indicates emphasis. It was incredibly frustrating. It was also amazing to me how quickly this all escalated; I must admit I’ve only gone back there once, just to confirm that the offending sign (which had been around for at least 2 years) was, indeed, gone. So I guess that’s a victory…

  • Jeff Deck

    Strange. Well, keep fighting the good fight, Karen! You never know where your efforts will actually be appreciated. I do have to say that Panera was an oasis on our book tour– we always knew it’d be a place where we could kill some time and use free wi-fi. Benjamin also recommends the mango smoothie.

  • Roni

    I think you guys are awesome. The next time you are in the Midwest (Minneapolis/ Omaha) I think you should stop at the McDonald’s off the road linking those two cities at about the half way point (Rt 60). Apparently in this little cosmic section of the world, Wednesday is not part of Everyday, since the sign says Open EVERYDAY at 5am, OPen Wednesday at 5am (their typo, not mine). For the past few years as I have traveled between the Twin Cities and Omaha, I have to stop in this magical land; where Wednesday is somehow more special than just Everyday. It doesn’t really look all that magical, but then again, I am just passing through and never on a Wednesday.