Two-sentence horror stories – Vol I

Looks like I’m going to see Joe Hill speak at the Music Hall in Portsmouth tonight. Somebody gave me a free ticket. Odd coincidence, since I just featured The Fireman in my list of five noteworthy horror books this month.

In honor of Mr. Hill’s visit to our ‘umble Seacoast, I’d like to present a collection of two-sentence horror stories. These are brand new and making their world debut.

1. “Gentle Song”

two-sentence horror stories

2. “Orderly Policeman”

two-sentence horror stories

3. “Virtual Identity”

two-sentence horror stories

4. “Wayne Gretzky”

two-sentence horror stories

5. “Between the Sheets”

two-sentence horror stories


Well, this writing thing doesn’t take so much time after all, does it? Post your own two-sentence horror stories and let’s keep the ball rolling!

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